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Japanese Mini Truck Uses

Japanese mini trucks are used in various professional and personal ways. Their off-road capabilities, combined with their affordability and utility make them an amazing choice for all kinds of activities. Kei class mini trucks have found their way into a number of interesting settings; farms, campuses, factories, and out on the trails.

Not only are they extremely capable, but they’re also more affordable than comparable products, like UTV’s and ATV’s. Below are some of the most common uses of Mini Trucks by our customers.

Mini Work Trucks
Mini trucks are compact and utilitarian, perfect for many sites that need to move cargo and teams in confined spaces.
Personal Mini Trucks
Enthusiasts also account for a large portion of mini truck owners. Some owners modify their trucks for off road use, other for street use. Others enjoy the simplicity of a small, efficient vehicle to get around town in.
Mini Farm Trucks
Mini trucks are purpose built for farm use, and many models have special editions specifically to aid farmers. There are also various features that are extremely useful for farmers, with no comparable products.
Private Fleet Mini Trucks
Mini trucks and vans also can serve as an alternative to golf carts and other low speed utility vehicles used on private properties. We can sell new mini trucks and vans, which are reliable, efficient, and uniquely tailored to fit anywhere.