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  • What's the Best Mini Truck?

    While each manufacturer strives to make their mini truck the best on the market, there is not a whole lot of variation between the models. All have similarly powered engines and drivetrain options, as well as dimensions. The biggest variations come in engine/chassis layout, as well as special options. Check out our models page for more information on each Japanese mini truck available.

  • How Fast Does a Japanese Mini Truck Go?

    Exact specs vary from each model, but most can comfortably maintain 100km/h (62mph) in top gear. Trucks with a 5-speed manual will be a bit faster than those with only a 4-speed.

  • Where Are Your Trucks Located?

    We are a direct exporter from Japan, so most of our stock listed is located in Fukuoka, Japan. We also have stock with our partner dealers in the USA and Australia.

  • How Much Is Shipping?

    Shipping depends on your location and current rates, please select your nearest port from any vehicle listing to see shipping estimates. Contact us if your closest port is not listed. 

  • Are These Truck Street Legal?

    Street legality depends on your local and federal regulations. Look at our local info page to learn more, or contact us to ask directly about mini trucks in your area.

  • Do You Offer Financing?

    Unfortunately we do not accept financing, but some of our local dealer partners in the USA and Australia do. Contact us to learn more. 

  • Can I Get a Discount for Bulk Orders?

    We do offer container shipments of up to 7 trucks per order. Typically we only recommend this for buyers looking to get at least 5 trucks at a time. If ordering 1 to 4 trucks, there is no discount on shipping. Please check our page on wholesale mini truck orders for more information.

  • How Do You Ship These Trucks?

    Trucks are shipped via RORO (Roll-on Roll-off) shipping or container shipment. You can learn about each option at the following pages:

    Direct Import Mini TrucksWholesale Mini Truck Containers

  • How Much Does a Mini Truck Weigh?

    Most Japanese mini trucks weigh between 750kg (1,654 lbs) and 850kg (1,874 lbs), with exceptions for trucks with special equipment like dump beds or tankers. 

  • Are Japanese Mini Trucks Reliable?

    Yes, as most vehicles made in Japan, Japanese mini trucks are made with longevity and durability in mind. With that said, most mini trucks are designed to be driven in low-speed conditions around farmlands or on small local streets. We regularly see trucks running well past 100,000km with good scheduled maintenance records.