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Hi, I’m Caylon and I created in 2019 to be the simplest and smoothest way to buy a Japanese kei truck online. Since then we’ve sent hundreds of trucks to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Most trucks are sold directly from Japan. Now we also stock local trucks in USA and Australia. We believe that mini trucks are some of the best machines on the market to help workers and individuals get from A to B with everything they need. They’re also quite fun! Our goal is to help you get anywhere you need to go with one of our mighty mini trucks. Please don’t hesitate to ask us a question about the trucks or the whole process. We’re happy to help find the right truck for you, or help get your truck back in tip top shape!

What We Do


We are actively buying the following for our clients:

New Mini Trucks

Used Mini Trucks

Repair Parts

Aftermarket Parts


We offer the following services in Japan before shipment:



Conversions & customizations


We provide the following services to all of our clients:

RORO (Roll on roll off) shipping

Container loading and shipping

Storage in Japan

Paperwork translations and delivery

Where We Are

Our buying teams are located in the following areas
  • Tokyo 東京
  • Nagoya 名古屋
  • Osaka 大阪
  • Kyushu 九州
  • Nationwide 全国
  • We have access to auctions in all Japanese Prefectures

Ask Us Anything