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Private Fleet Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks are perfect vehicles for closed campuses, private properties, and large private ranches. Many private properties rely on other low speed vehicles, such as golf carts, that are both more expensive and less useful than Japanese mini trucks. A fleet of mini trucks can sufficiently help you transport people and goods throughout your campus efficiently. Their compact size also allows you to store them in a more compact area, and allows them to drive on smaller areas such as walkways and trails.

View Our Stock of Mini Trucks

Below are some of our best mini trucks for private properties, equipped with the features that help you and your workers get the job done. Click on any of the truck below to get more information, or feel free to contact us if you’re looking for something in particular.

Not Sure Which Truck is Best For Your Property?

Ask our experts anything you’d like to know about mini trucks, including how to get one for yourself!