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Mini Dump Trucks

Kei class mini dump trucks are the best vehicles for farmers, ranchers, and even work sites. They are compact and capable, often being fitted with 4WD and diff lock. All of the major mini truck manufacturers have offered dump trucks fitted directly from the factory. There are also some options that are customized from aftermarket companies.

The most sought after mini dump trucks are the scissor lift dumps, called “Lift Dump” in Japanese. These trucks can lift vertically in the air for loading on and off of cargo bays or even small airplanes. Recreational hunters also use these as a higher vantage point when hunting.

Additionally there are 3-way dump beds, which can dump a load in from the traditional rear tailgate, but also to the left or right side. These beds are versatile for farms and areas with small and narrow paths for the vehicles to travel in.

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