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Scissor Lift Mini Trucks

The scissor lift, or lift dump, is a truck bed that lifts vertically above the cabin of the truck. It can be used for many purposes, and is a favorite among hunters and outdoor hobbyists for its unique capabilities.

Scissor lifts can operate in two modes; dump and lift. Dump is just like a regular dump truck, where the bed lifts up from the cab-side, and can be used to easily dump its contents behind the truck. Lift is a function that elevates the bed straight up, vertically, into the air. It can be used to load goods to and from commercial loading docs, and also as a platform for working on higher areas that are hard to reach otherwise.

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Although scissor lift mini trucks are rarer than others, we try to keep them stocked and ready for our buyers abroad. Browse through our selection of scissor lift trucks to see what’s available.

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