Mini Truck Types

HiJet MiniTruck Flatbed

Some Mini Trucks Don’t Need Modification

The most widely available minitrucks for export are the standard flatbed models. This model, though, is more versatile than it appears. Once delivered, it can be fitted with any number of options, including snowplows, tractor treads, snow treads, cranes, whatever you need. They are modified throughout Japan for all kinds of purposes, making it a perfect fit for whoever owns it. The customized mini trucks can be seen here.

One thing should be noted. Almost all standard mini trucks have 3-way pallets. That open up as shown here.

3-way pallet - 2 parts open

That said, there are some standard variations readily available from Japan.

Minitrucks with power lifts

This is one of the more popular options. It is simply a flatbed minitruck with a power lift on the back to assist in loading and unloading. A few examples from Mitsubishi are below:

A couple more from Daihatsu HiJet. In most cases, the left can hold 300 to 350 kilograms (660-770 lbs), depending on the model.
HiJet Minitruck with lift

Mini Dump Trucks

These can generally handle around 5 metric tons, depending on the model. They use electric hydraulics for the dump action, and most have a 3-way pallet, where all three sides of the flatbed can be opened for easy loading. Honda’s line up is shown below:

Honda Mini Dump Trucks

Honda Mini Dump Trucks

Diahatsu HiJet offers an less common combination lift/dump truck version (below) that is fantastic for specialized jobs, such as orchards.

Elevated Dump Truck by Hijet

Panel Vans

These are quire often equipped with refrigeration units, though not necessarily. Japanese businesses run on small just-in-time deliveries, so these are often used for deliveries in urban areas, for flower shops and others. They offer full protection to their cargo.

Minitrucks with panels to protect cargo

Raised Cabs, Extra Large Cabs and More

In the graphic below, you will see the green tarps that are frequently used with minitrucks when temporary and cheap protection is needed. There is a also a half-van below. More to the needs of Westerners, all companies offer variations of cab size. Some will have higher roofs, and others will offer more leg room and comfort up front.

Types of mini trucks