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We are among the first mini truck exporters in Japan to succeed in EPA approved mini truck exports, and are one of the few American owned mini truck exporters in the country. Follow the links below to learn more about mini trucks and Daihatsu Hijet Mini trucks Mini Trucks We Have in Stock Now

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We are a team of Americans and Australians based in Japan, and located in the Western part of the country, far from many of the environmental and other problems facing Tokyo and the northeast of the country. We export to several happy customers already, probably a dealer near you.

We are among the first mini truck exporters in Japan to succeed in EPA approved mini truck exports, and are one of the few non-Japanese owned mini truck exporters in the country. We understand you needs, we speak English as flawlessly as our educations allow, and we talk plainly.

We take good care of our customers, and provide a personalized service (and great prices) that are unmatched by our competitors. Go ahead and ask around.

We are very open with our information, and want to help mini trucks owners (as well as those considering a purchase) to make the right decisions. Feel free to ask us any questions you have that need answering.

Come back soon. We are looking forward to building a great group of mini truck owners and dealers right here at

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EPA has revised regulations that affect the importation of vehicles that were originally built and used as motor vehicles but have been converted for nonroad use. These regulatory provisions were published in the Federal Register on October 8, 2008 (73 FR 59053), and can be found on the EPA website.

Under the revised regulations, EPA now requires certification of engines and vehicles converted for nonroad use that are imported on or after December 8, 2008.

Japanese Kei-class light-duty trucks, also known as mini trucks, which have been converted to limit speed to 25 miles per hour (mph), are impacted by the new regulations. Generally, mini trucks are small trucks or vans with small spark-ignited (SI) engines with displacement below 1000 cubic centimeters and maximum engine power less than 30 kilowatts (kW) with a governed maximum speed of 25 mph or less.

Mini trucks can also fall into the Large SI category if they are either >1000cc displacement or > 30kW maximum engine power with a governed maximum speed of 25 mph or less (after 2011 model year the maximum engine power will be determined without any mechanical governor).

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